Cordial greetings to Dom Duarte

The rightful King of Portugal, Dom Duarte, will be 62 on 15 May.  Some splendid chaps have set up a means of sending His Royal Highness greetings on his birthday.

Go to and fill in the form (sorry – you’ll have to copy and paste as I can’t get wordpress to show me how to do a link):

 “Nome” means Christian Name; “Apelido” means Surname; “Email” means “E-mail address”; “Localidade” means “Where I am posting from”; “Mensagem” is the place to write your best wishes for HRH’s birthday”; and “Enviar” is the button to click to send them.  The English language will be fine.

 And you are waiting for what?


3 thoughts on “Cordial greetings to Dom Duarte

  1. Portugal, Britain’s oldest ally, will celebrate its 100th anniversary of becoming a republic in 2010. Although the Portuguese would have to wait until 1974 for a true democracy, they did at least resist the example of neighbouring post-Franco Spain in restoring the monarchy. They seem to have done very well for themselves without been ruled by the eventual products of centuries of inbreeding. No offence intended against Dom Duarte, who may well be a delightful bloke who deserves to have a very happy birthday.

  2. The anti-democratic way in which the monarchy was overthrown in Portugal, followed by a large period of history in which the restoration of monarchical government was not presented as an option to the Portuguese people, means that the option, at least, remains open. 2008 is the anniversary of the regicide of King Charles the Martyred.

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