A Bit of How’s Yer Fathers?

As the debate over the new Equality Act continues to rage, it seems to me that the only people still arguing against the church being allowed it’s freedom are the militant homosexual lobby.Matthew_Parris I thought this was particularly apparent on Question Time last night, whereon, thank goodness, someone at last made the point that the first consideration should be the good of the child needing adoption, rather than the right of any person to adopt. 

Common sense, statistics and all respectable research on the subject inform us that (surprise! surprise!) children are best off when they have a mother and father.  The fact of the matter is that a proper family unit of father, mother and children achieves (to borrow from the government lexicon) the best outcomes for children. Does anyone really believe that it is a coincidence that Young Offenders Institutes are almost entirely populated by people from family situations other than this?

The undisputed statistics also show that not only do Catholic agencies deal with a third of the most difficult cases (only 4% of cases overall), but that adoptions organised by the Catholic agencies have an extraordinarily higher success rate (i.e. far fewer of them end in collapse with the child going back into care). The reasons for this are hardly obscure.

The church agencies and the people who apply to them are motivated by charity, inspired by their faith. Some others we might mention are motivated by the selfish desire to exercise their supposed right to a child, as though the unfortunate soul were another fashionable accessory to complete their designer life. So what happens when the child isn’t perfect? The same as with the new plasma screen television that doesn’t work, they send it back to the shop. Hence, whilst some demand the right to adopt, the church asks to retain the right to put the needs of the child first and the needs of the prospective adopter second. gay adoption catholic church


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