Holy Words

This man became the leader of his country following a coup within his own party. He was a decent chap and wanted the country to be decent as well. His image of the ideal life was a certain game being played on village greens, church bells ringing and warm beer. He wanted to get back to basics but when he arrived there, he found only sleaze. Who am I talking about? The answer of course, is the Right Hon. John Major. The former Prime Minister is one of the candidates in a poll being run by the BBC website (here) to find out the nation’s favourite prime minister. I have no interest in the political side of the poll, although I may vote for Lady Thatcher just to annoy the Trots, but thought that this little ditty may be of interest to Club members. Major may have been an old fashioned, weak sap, but if so his heart was in the right place. On the subject of death, he wrote,

“Oh, Lord, if I must die today,
Please make it after Close of Play.
For this, I know, if nothing more,
I will not go, without the score.”



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