A recusant postcard

I have recently come across this photo-picture of His Holiness the Pope receiving His Majesty Francis II, rightful heir of the House of Stuart and king of England, Scotland, Ireland and France.


God save His Majesty over the water.


9 thoughts on “A recusant postcard

  1. Francis, commonly called “Franz” is the Duke of Bavaria and heir to the House of Stuart. Wikipedia can give fun details I believe. Enter “Franz, Duke of Bavaria”.

  2. You fools,he is a female-line heir to the Stuarts,but he is neither Stuart nor English and certainly not a King of anything-good Lord,where would our dear England be with a catholic as King? I think that penal laws should be reestablished…and catholics thrown off the island

  3. Sorry John, but a Yank will have to point out that Mrs. Battenburg herself comes from a female line…..and a more distant one with a lesser claim to the throne than that of Franz. You poor Brits!…….stuck with German farmers whether you’re jacobites or hanovarians!!

  4. I recall reading that Parliament, –before scraping the bottom of the dynastic pickle-barrel which yielded the son of Sophie, Electress of Hanover, –unsuccessfully petitioned 53 Catholics with better hereditary right to the English Throne to claim it by renouncing the Faith.

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