Anglo-Catholic Renewal Movements

As we gear up for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Our friends at this website are so excited they’ve put up a timer to count the minutes!*) I’m sure all members and friends of the RCC will be delighted to learn about a couple of really exciting ‘New Movements’ which are enlivening the Anglican Tradition!

The Most Holy, Autocephalous and Autocratic Celtic Orthodox Church of Rockall has a really exciting liturgy schedule, (including Ambrosian Rite Mass in Cornish, celebrated in the breathtaking Chapel of St Greta of Balham) and an impressive array of guest preachers, including the Archdeacon of Fitzrovia and The Revd Sir Les Patterson.

If you prefer a more Anglo-Papalist lilt to your churchmanship, why not take the quiz over at Frankly Unfriendly Catholics, the object of which is to assess complex pastoral situations in a compassionate, forward-thinking way.

Not a fan of smells, bells and Dr Pusey? Pay a visit to the Classical High Anglicans at Affirming Laudianism, official fanclub of St Charles I (King and Martyr)’s fave Archbishop of Canterbury, William Laud.

*No, of course they haven’t really

Photographs of the Pope’s historic meeting with the Archdruid of Bangor courtesy of, which is not a website I’d recommend visiting.


7 thoughts on “Anglo-Catholic Renewal Movements

  1. As Captain I must advise that the club is in no fashion associated with the links and ecclesial communities above.

    Heresy, lunacy and idiocy are all very amusing but must be treated with due caution.

  2. Thank you for not recommending the web-site of, which I of course did not immediately look up. You are therefore not responsible for the coffee I did not spill over my keyboard when I did not guffaw in helpless laughter. You are also not responsible for the, I hope venial, sins I did not incur when not being amused by the profane content.

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