New members

rccbadge.GIFIt is with great pleasure that I announce that the ranks are swelling here at the RCC.

Three new members have been duely elected in the last week and it is with much pride that I name them here.

First, the famous, if not eponymous, author of Cally’s Kitchen has joined the club and shall be posting, when the mood takes him, as Per Roma.

It is with great distress that I noted the hibernation of the superb In Hoc Signo Vinces in recent days. But it is with unbounded joy that I can now say Paulinus has joined the club and will favour us from time to time.

Fr Paul Harrison has become our second clerical member and, being Lancastrian, is bred to recusance and cricket. He shall be posting as the Great Gable.

These great & good men now mean that the RCC can boast a full XI, not that this should in anyway discourage those who may wish to join us.


5 thoughts on “New members

  1. I’m fairly sure Our Club motto is ‘Pro Petrus et Patria’, rather than ‘Pro Petrus et Rex’ (which apart from anything else, surely doesn’t work when a Queen is on the Throne?).

    But whilst naming no names, I do hope that our members understand that occupying an important leadership position in the club and getting in the papers qualifies them to fiddle with things willy-nilly, without the approval of their confreres!

    A hearty welcome to our new members, as well!

  2. I think ‘Pro Petrus et Rex’ works quite well…. we all know which particular ‘rex’ gets the most attention from the RCC!

  3. Just a note of explanation.

    Greatgable is the name of one of my favourite mountains in the Lake District. I am a regular hiker there and it is all within the Diocese of Lancaster.

  4. speaking of the Duke of Bavaria, when will thehontreasurer come and pay him a visit? He still has to re-install Him on the throne, hasn’t he?

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