Segolene says – Tell me who I am

While we at the RCC have been following the improbable rise and rise of Miss Segolene Royal for some time, the rest of the media back home in Blighty are beginning to take note.

Miss Royal, the newly crowned Socialist candidate for the coming French presidential election has gained notoriety about the club for her unusual debate strategy.

Having yet to make a single policy commitment, or indeed to launch a manifesto, she bested her Socialist rivals by calling them “backward chauvinist pigs” and “elephants”.

While this may have been enough to see off her inter-party rivals, many warned she would have to raise her gave if she were to seriously trouble M. Sarkozy of the Gaullists.

This she has done.

Following the success of her ‘no policies, no promises’ technique, Miss Royal has now gone for ‘no personality’.

Her status as a young (54), sexy (openly promiscuous) and dynamic (no one knows what she is doing) is being re-made, or rather unmade.

Trying desparetly to get the bottom of Mme. Royal’s appeal, a journalist played one half in the following exchange with Herself:

What are your presidential qualities?

That’s for the people to decide

But you must have… qualities?

That is for you to tell people about

At the launch of her national campaign some months ago, Mme. Royal was accused of bringing ‘Blairite’ politics to France; all spin and no substance.

Truely, the pupil has become the teacher.


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