A time for weeping

It has been the policy of this club to refrain from overt criticism of our shepherds in the Church.

It is a sin against Christian humility to rebel against one’s bishop – for us in the laity, it is through obedience we are given grace.

Yet I cannot conceal the anguish I feel when something truly ugly happens. When a line is crossed and the integrity of the Church trespassed against by one of her own. One who should know better.

I mentioned that last week the Hon. Treasurer, the Churchwarden and myself visited our respective friends at the Venerable English College in Rome. While there, we came to know that the Grand Celtic Vizier of Canterbury would be stopping at the college whilst visiting the Holy Father this week.

He is not the first primatial druid to do so and no doubt he will not be the last.

Apparently, whilst there, he celebrated the Anglican aping of the Mass and did so on the altar in the main chapel.

The altar under which rest the relics of the English Martyrs.

This chapel is decorated with graphic paintings of the martyrdom of the students of the college, it is a shrine to those who gave there life for the Faith of our Fathers.

The college motto, I come to bring a fire to the Earth is a call to imitate the action and bravery demanded of those who offered their sufferings for the salvation of England and the Anglicans.

And yet Rowan Williams plays priest over their remains.

Part of me hopes this is some dreadful joke.

Whatever the case, I offer no condemnation or judgement not of the rector or of HE Cardinal Cormac, who apparently was in attendance. It is not my place to do so. 

I do pray the sacrifice of those saints and martyrs, from whom this club takes its name, has not been in vain and that England may yet blaze with the fire of the Gospel.



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