Insanity tightens its grip in Nepal

In a move of breath-taking stupidity and hypocrisy, the leader of Nepal’s bloodthirsty and vicious Maoist terrorists has plumbed new depths by sharing a platform with the former leader of Britain’s Labour party, Neil Kinnock.

Seriously though, it beggars belief that Mr Kinnock, who lost two British general elections to the Conservative party before lining his pockets as a European Commissioner, should give a venire of respectability to Prachanda, whose guerillas are now on the verge of joining the government and succeeding in their cherished aim of abolishing the monarchy.

Sickeningly, Prachanda also rubbed shoulders with former New York mayor and potential US presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and Disney boss Michael Eisner as he lectured a star-studded audience at a five-star hotel in New Delhi, India, on the subject of… wait for it… democracy!! You really couldn’t make it up.

Prachanda’s forces are responsible for the deaths of at least 13,000 people in the past 10 years, during which time he has directed the Maoist insurgency from Nepal’s jungles and mountains, leading assaults and ambushes on government forces and laying waste to villages that supported the royal administration in Kathmandu. Basically, he’s not a pleasant chap, and his commitment to the values of democracy and freedom is about as genuine as Osama Bin Laden’s love of McDonald’s bacon double cheeseburgers.

When asked whether the Maoists were comfortable being labelled as terrorists, Prachanda replied, “We are sorry for the killing of so many people. [However,] everywhere, in revolutionary movements, it is the people who have to sacrifice.”

In a further depressing development, an official panel convened to investigate the events surrounding the so-called popular uprising against King Gyanendra last April has concluded that His Majesty should be held directly responsible for the deaths of 22 demonstrators and punished accordingly.

Harihar Birahi, a member of the panel which is headed by retired Supreme Court judge Krishna Jung Rayamajhi, said, “The government and parliament must make the required laws and punish all members of the then council of ministers including the King.”

There was no immediate comment from the Royal Palace – unsurprising given the fact that His Majesty’s press secretariat is now an empty room, all the previously loyal staff having fled. Our man still cowering behind the drinks cabinet inside the Narayanhity Royal Palace reports that His Majesty now sits alone all day, biting his fingernails and engaging in on-line gambling. In a final humiliation, the poor fellow has now even given up felicitating.


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