Vatican speaks out against veils

HE Renato Cardinal Martino, head of the Pontifical Council on Justice & Peace as well as the acting head of the Pontifical Council for Itinerants & Migrant Peoples, has joined in the Europe-wide debate on women who insist on wearing the veil.

Speaking at a press conference launching a papal statement calling for laws encouraging the better integration of migrants, the prelate spoke out on the controversy in Italy, France and these Isles of asking women to not hide their faces.

 “It seems elementary to me and it is quite right that the authorities demand it.”

The Cardinal went on to suggest that by moving to a country or region, the Musilm community might, just maybe, consider traditions, culture and religion of the nations they go to.

HG Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, of the PCI & MP, said it was important in the course of dialogue with Muslims to make them understand that some of their religious traditions are not acceptable in the West.

The Vatican has always maintained that Catholics and Christians in Mohammedan countries ought to enjoy the same freedoms and tolerance Muslims have here. Stressing parity must be the foundation of dialogue, this would seem to mark a new turn in the Vatican stance towards the Muslim world.

As an Anglican Archlaymen observed last week; Muslims in Europe have managed to become both terrorist and victim. 

A number of cases in Italy come before the courts challenging long standing terror legislation.

Muslims in Italy are calling for gender specific legislation through a government consultation forum – demanding the partial repeal of 20 year old terror legislation making it an offence to cover your face in public if challenged by police.

They are also campaigning for the introduction of the death penalty. 

No doubt we are only months away from a mullah appealing to the European Court of Human Rights for his religious freedom to stone his properly veiled third wife.


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