La Dolce Vita

The RCC has returned exhausted, undefeated and slightly fatter from its tour of The Eternal City.

I am delighted to report that the mission to interest our soccer-loving brethren in the real ‘beautiful game’ was a remarkable success, hampered only by occasional interventions from the Carabinieri who, for some extraordinary reason, do not consider the Piazza della Rotondo to be a suitable place for trying to coax reverse swing out of a tennis ball. I myself am not at all ashamed to admit that at that august venue I fell after making only two runs, to a sensational catch from a Bangladeshi costermonger (he had a fine bowling action too) who later attempted to sell me a spangly plastic bracelet by the Trevi Fountain. 

Regrettably, in my capacity as Hon. Treasurer of the club (by the way, does anybody know if ‘hon.’ is short for honorary or honourable?) I am afraid that my report to the finance committee promises to be rather less rosy. In this regard, my particular censure is reserved for that atrocious breed, the Roman taximeter cab driver.

Full reports from myself, the Skipper and ‘Churchwarden’ of our various cultural, spritual and sporting hai-jinx will follow, in a relaxed, Italian sort of style, over the next few days. I attach the following merely as an appetite-whetter.


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