Nepalese monarchists begin to mobilise


The only significant political party with representation in Nepal’s House of Representatives but which is not a member of the Seven Party Alliance government has confirmed its stance in favour of the monarchy.

Meeting last week, the leaders of the Rastriya Prajantantra Party (Thapa) elected royalist central working committee member Rabindra Nath Sharma as its new chairman.

Participants in the meeting also underscored that at the time of the elections to a constituent assembly, those who are in favour of constitutional monarchy must show their solidarity.

In an interview published today, Rabindra Nath Sharma affirms his support for what he terms a ‘ceremonial monarchy’, claiming that a constitutional monarchy in the old model has become impossible.

However, monarchists everywhere will be encouraged – and republicans made to bite their nails – by his frank answer to the question of whether His Majesty King Gyanendra could ever become politically active again.

“It could happen,” he admitted, “if there is a situation where responsibility is not taken, deliveries are not made, kidnappings and abductions continue, property is confiscated, agreements are not implemented, the government loses its worth, if there is lawlessness, or if one class rises above the law.”

Given the fact that Maoist rebels are, even to this day, engaging in abductions, killings, intimidation and extortion, one wonders if His Majesty’s time will come sooner than some might expect.


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