Civis Romanus Sum

By the grace of God, I shared the in legacy of the Duke of Wellington, of all the Popes except Hadrian IV, and of Boris Johnson MP – I was born abroad. In America to be exact.

To this day I carry, when the mood takes me, two passports and count myself, in so much as it does not conflict with my conscience, a loyal citizen of that big hearted nation.

I say so far as it does not conflict with my conscience; for I remain a monarchist and a Catholic and not in that order.

I hold firm to the principle of monarchy and believe that history shows it to be the most stable form of governance and the one which most often delivers the best rule for the people.

I nevertheless stand in awe at one of the political magni opi of the world: the American Constitution. The intelligent complexity, the foresight and sagacity of the document belie its time, place and authors.

But I do not hold with democracy. I think that, in any country, the majority of people are at best too fickle and uninformed and at worst intellectually incapable of exercising a mature say in government. America is no different.

Case in point: I recently received my absentee ballot for the mid-term Congressional elections. Now it is fully right and proper that I should preserve my say in national elections, no matter if I haven’t lived there since I was in short trousers; civis romanus sum, it is my right.

What amazes me is that I am directed to participate in local elections as well, on the same ballot. I am expected to elect local court judges, county and district officials and the sheriff.

I have no business thrusting my democratic oar into the doings of Cook County, I have not lived there since I was nine years old, I have never paid taxes there and most importantly, there is no way I could have an informed opinion to exercise.

Such is the inherent lunacy of democracy; giving a voice to those who have no right to be heard because they have nothing to say.

More worryingly, of the 32 local positions I am requested to vote to fill, 18 have candidates, plural, from only the Democratic Party.

Irony is alive and well in Illinois.

Equally intriguing is the final question on the ballot:

“Should the United States immediately begin an ordered withdrawal of all armed forces from Iraq, beginning with National Guard and reserve units?” yes/no.


One thought on “Civis Romanus Sum

  1. Think you might mean “magna opera”?

    Oh well, even blogs as good as this – and it’s excellent – need a visting pedant now and again.

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