Nazi law sees children dragged from home

Some weeks ago the RCC reported, from Germany, that a woman had been arrested and her husband and children forced to flee the country.

Her crime, and that of her husband, was to educate their children at home. The law in question was passed in 1938, during the Nazi administration, to ensure all children were properly instructed in the ideologies of the state.

While the ideologies may have changed, the law has not and remains not only on the statute books, but vigorously enforced.

German police confirmed this morning that the children of the Remeikes, a local Catholic family in Baden-Wurttemberg were “forcibly removed from their home and brought to school”.

Local residents reported that the three terrified children, aged between 6 and 10, were bodily carried to police cars and driven to school.

According to local press, police forced open the front door of the family home at approximately 8.30 am. The parents were handcuffed and restrained as the screaming children were carried bodily from the house.

Both parents have been educating their own children since the beginning of the academic year using accredited academic curricula and texts supplied via post. Now they both face minimum fines of €2,000 and 13 days in prison.

The parents have expressed their unwillingness to have their children indoctrinated with a secular agenda which promotes homosexuality, contraception and abortion.

No comment has been made by the state or federal education authorities. Should they be jailed, the Remeikes would be the third couple to be imprisoned for educating their own children this year.


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