Peter’s pence

88_story.jpgPoland have become the first soveriegn nation other than the Vatican to issue national currency bearing the image of the Pope.

The 50 zloti notes, worth about £2.50, have been issued to commemorate the 28th anniversery of the election of John Paul II.

Since their asscetion to the EU, Poland have been a frequent bete noir of the Commission for towing the Catholic line on social issues, seeming to revel in condemnation for tough stances on promoting homosexuality in schools and other secular dogma.

Would that they had entered the Union a few years earlier and already had the Euro, one can only imagine the reaction of various commissioners to the Pope being legal tender across the continent.


2 thoughts on “Peter’s pence

  1. Dear boy, have you not seen a Vatican Euro?

    There are 670,000 of them minted each year by kind cooperation of the Italian treasury. All bear the face of HH and are of course legal tender accross the Euro zone.

    If memory serves, a fuss was kicked up before the first issue of the coins in 2002, rather predictably by the French. They stamped their dainty feet and raised foppish objections due to the separation of church and state demanded by their absurd constitution. They found themselves out in the cold however and their fellow federalists roundly told them to pipe down.

  2. Indeed I have, however I was under the impression that they were all for private sale at quite a bit above face value and almost never found in circulation.

    The Central bank limit the amount of currency issued by a government, in this case the Vatican, by population, hence the paltry numbers. Were it Poland however, the Continent would be stiff with them.

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