Why do I have to watch?

ODI’s are not real cricket. It’s a fact. England are terrible at them, that is also a fact. These two facts may or may not be linked, that is another fact, ish.

Since the end of the County season, I have been doing my best to pretend that the ‘Champions’ (of what?) Trophy does not exist.

I have taken an unhealthy interest in the Australian domestic season, I’m a Queensland man this year, and buried myself in Hairgate. Yet, falling at the first hurdle, I have been unable to stop myself from watching Zimbabwe get thumping after thumping, and now I am sucked in.

Sunday sees England face India, in my opinion a better 50 over side than Australia. India, in India. Cast your mind back to March and the funeral march that followed the glorious Bombay test and you will get an idea of how I fancy their chances. 

At any other time I would love to see England play the two best one day sides so close together, but not now. The England team couldn’t survive a holiday in India without a hat full of injuries, ODI’s are their physio’s nightmare, although he has already quit under the strain and India and Australia would push a fit side to the limit.

All this together will push theself belief of the new boys Cook, Bell and the rest to the absolute limit as well as giving the Aussies a golden chance to knobble half-fit Freddie and Anderson. There is almost no chance of the team coming through to Brisbane unscathed, a further two injuries are guaranteed and most likely a killer blow to the team’s confidence.

And yet I cannot wait. Cricket is cricket, even if its not cricket. We could win, it could happen, we could beat India and Australia, have the confidence going into the Ashes, keep them, go into the VB series on a monster high, win that – dare I mention the World Cup?

But I know it probably will not happen. Just like I know my fiancee will make sure I am anywhere but watching the cricket on Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Why do I have to watch?

  1. This author visits the RCC website as he listens to the updates on Radio Five of England vs India (or India vs England if one wishes to be choosy) from the former colonial city of Bombay. England have been bowled out. Before lunch. 125 in 3 overs. Oh dear. Ohdear ohdear ohdear.

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