Thieves go free as windbreaker is jailed

In a telling snapshot of justice in Britain today, a 19 year old Blackpudlian, unable to secure remand for theft, did manage to get a brief sentence for breaking wind.

The episode, which of course caused hilarity among himself and his 3 co-defendants disturbed the court with the laughter it provoked.

The magistrate in charge of proceedings, Simon Bridge, promptly demand an apology for the outburst, and especially the continued laughter, which produced more ribald commentary from the dock.

Having had enough, the magistrate ordered the ‘youth’ to the cells for an hour, being in contempt of court. He then returned, presented his apology for “acting the goat” and the trial continued.

Mr Wildy, unemployed, of Blackpool, was subsequently released on bail until the new year pending trial.

Thus serving more time in prison for breaking wind than for theft. Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.


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