Tories eject 19 year Councillor over gay penguins

A 72 year-old councillor from Bourmouth has had to resign from the Conservative party, been suspended from two committees and is facing calls for him to undergo “sensitivity training” today.

This is the price one pays for joking about gay animals, our newest and perhaps most oppressed minority. 

Mr David Clutterbuck, a Bournmouth Council veteran of 19 years, raised a universal shriek of horror after suggesting that a modern Noah would need planning permission for the ark, have to carry out an environmental impact study, contact the RSPCA and would face legal problems for only taking in heterosexual animal couples. The comments were made in an email.

Animal homosexuality is set to become the new ‘it’ cause, offering as it does, a single point of contact for both militant homosexuals and animal rights extremists.

In the race to comdemn him first, the local Tory party issued a staunch denial and hinted his resignation would have been forced.

Stephen MacLoughlin, the leader of the council’s Tory group, said: “In the light of derogatory comments made by Councillor Clutterbuck regarding gay people, we have taken immediate action. His statements have caused offence, particularly in Bournemouth’s gay community. They are contrary to the council’s equality and diversity policies.

“His comments are unacceptable, especially from someone who deals with personnel and community issues. I hope he thinks seriously about the offence he has caused, and that he will act appropriately.”

That Mr Clutterbuck confined his observations to animals and would appear to be have been absolutly correct in his assertions does not appear to have registered with anyone in Bournemouth or the Tory party as yet.

It is expected that Peter Tachell and the Chairman of the RSPCA will hold a joint press conference later today at which they will call for Mr Clutterbuck to be eviscerated.

Mr Clutterbuck, who has the unreserved support of the RCC, has stood by his comments and vowed to contest the next local election as an independent.


One thought on “Tories eject 19 year Councillor over gay penguins

  1. Man! Where did you get that story, that is an awesome line! Nearly as good at Mark Styen I think, who said that I God were on earth today he’d likely be a Evangelical woman, lesbian & treehugger!!

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