Post coup cabinet appointed

HM the King of Thailand will swear into office his new cabinet today.

Setting an election date at October 1 2007 and confounding a handful of suspicious international commentators, the erstwhile military caretakers of the country have walked out of power almost faster than they came into it.

Following last weeks announcement of Gen. Surayud Chulanont as the new Prime Minster, the full government was unveiled today and will take up the reigns of government effective immediately.

Joining the internationally respected Gen. Chulanont is Pridiyathorn Devakula – head of the Thai central bank until the coup. He will assume the role as deputy premier and finance minister.

The full 26 member Cabinet contains only two former army officers including the Prime Minister, the bulk of positions going to either academics or civil servants, all with career histories of political neutrality.

It is now widely accepted that the 19 September coup was supported if not orchestrated by His Majesty against a government without a democratic mandate and engaging in clear abuses to further their personal financial interests.


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