Support for King grows as democracy shows its colours

From our man in Bhaktapur- As the resumption of negotiations between the Seven Party Alliance and the Moaist’s began today, their Majesties beganu making their way back to the Royal Palace haveing taken part in pooja in the Nawadurga Temple at Gachhe Tole.

There they also recieved tika and prasad. Opinion remains sharply divided here among the foriegn press as to what exactly this entails.

The occasion is the sixth time the King has partaken of tika and prasand in the last two months, and following the refusal of the Cabinet, he also gave tika to the cheif officers of the army  last week.

Upon arrival at the Temple premises, Their Majesties were accorded a warm welcome by the Chief District Officer of Bhaktapur Baburam Lamichhane, and other senior Municipality officials.

Crowds also gathered to welcome the King with many seeking a blessing from His Majesty. Shouts of “Death to Moaists” and “No Democracy” were also reported.

It is believed that as the Cabinet, and the Seven Party Alliance generally, become increasingly focused on conferring titles on each other and shoring up their constitutional position, a sense of the fundimental hypocracy of the democratic process is setting in.

Furthermore, there is a growing sense, at least in the capitol, of anger at the callusion between party leaders and the negation of the multi-party system.


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