Bishop Vinnie blasts Beeb

HG the Archbishop of Birmingham, Vincent “Knuckles” Nichols, Chair of the Catholic Office for the protection of Children has launched a scathing attack on the BBC’s Panorama programme.

The upcoming show, entitled “Sex crimes and the Vatican”, is expected to be the usual BBC hatchet job, using innuendo, one-sided reporting and good, old-fashioned suggestion to imply the Pope was connected with the child molestation scandals of the last few years.

The Bishop’s office has released a statement saying “The BBC should be ashamed of the standard of journalsim used to create this unwarrented attack on Pope Benedict.

“Viewers will recognise only too well the sensational tactics and misleading editing of the programme, which uses old footage and undated interviews.

“They will know that aspects of the programme amount to a deeply prejudiced attack on a revered world religious leader. It will further undermine public confidence in ‘Panorama’.”

In recent times, the BBC has been forced to abandon and sell off the anti-Catholic cartoon Popetown; which mocked not only the Catholic Church but also the then seriously ill John Paul II.

HE Cardinal Cormac is expected to write an open letter to the Director General of the BBC, Mark Thompson, latter this week. He is also expected to condemn the programme, the standards of journalism and the, now frequent, religious discrimination of the BBC.  


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