Cardinal says something of substance

In a shocking turn of events, Cardinal Cormac has made a public statement on a topic of importance and contention.

While this article is woefully behind the times due to a weekend away, the RCC cannot let it pass without notice that HE questioned Turkey’s likely admission to the EU.

There is still frank disbelief around the Pavilion that the habitually reticent prelate has not only spoken out against Turkey’s accession (something the Pope has long opposed) but called into question the entire premise of the multi-faith society on a grand scale.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “There may be another view that the mixture of cultures is not a good idea.”

He added: “I think the question is for Europe: will the admission of Turkey to the European Union be something that benefits a proper dialogue or integration of a very large, predominantly Islamic country in a continent that, fundamentally, is Christian?”

The Cardinal was on the Today programme to offer his opinions on the furore surrounding the Pope’s recent observations about the Koran and its preaching of violence.

It is most unlike the Cardinal to directly engage with political or international matters outside of a strictly third-world development remit, and it is almost unheard of for him to opennly oppose Government mantra and the PC creed.

One congregant at Wesminster Cathedral, after overcoming his intial incredulity, said “It’s almost like having a Cardinal – extraordinary!”

While the club has expressed dismay at HE’s reticence to speak out in the past, we now, with equal enthusiam laud his public support of a Christian Europe.

Captain’s note: That’s one down Mr Hon. Treasurer. Ramprakash for the Ashes next, or “Rev.” Paisley speaking Latin? 


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