According to various international news sources, there is a potentially monarchist coup being led by the army in Bangkok.

The Government headquarters has been surrounded by tanks and the Army controlled state television station is broadcasting images of the Royal family and playing nationalistic songs.

While all reports remain confused, the Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency and can now be said to have lost control of the nation. The RCC will, of course, closely monitor progress.

There have been no signs of civil unrest in the country until now and the King is already vastly popular with the people.

Lèse majestéa serious crime in Thailand, and in the past the democratic government has been accused of using this law to silence political opposition; it is possible the tables are now being turned.

It is unlikely His Majesty is directly involved in the planning or execution of this coup, but as yet this is not certain. What is more likely is that the army, acting on its own, is seeking to disband the democratic government and return real power to the king.

The RCC cannot take sides is this action until it becomes absolutely clear which side he supports. What we can state is that we hope for a minimum of civil unrest, a swift return to orderly government with His Majesty at its head.

God save the King. 


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