Busybody headmaster outfoxed by sagacious mothers

A heartening story comes to us via the BBC from Yorkshire, where mothers at something called ‘Rawmarsh Community School a Sports College’ (we’re fairly sure this means it’s a comprehensive school with an extra games master) have defied the efforts of the powers that be to dictate what their children are and are not allowed to have for lunch.

In common with many schools around the country, Rawmarsh Community School A Sports College has caved in to pressure from the government, backed up by fat-tongued mockney superchav Jamie Oliver, to only allow children’s lunches to consist of something like a celery and tofu roulade with a beancurd jus.

The stout housewives of Rawmarsh are not the sort to take this kind of funny business on the chin. They’ve started running a delivery service from the local chippy, delivering traditional northern fare through the fence which seperates the playground of Rawmarsh Community School a Sports College from the local cemetery.

The headmaster, a Mr John Lambert, is, I’m delighted to say, furious at this subversion of his attempt to run people’s lives for them. ‘The food these parents are handing out’, he prattled, ‘is not part of a healthy eating diet!’

If only more parents would take the same line as the no-nonsense mothers of Rawmarsh and say ‘no’ to the outrageous, fascistic notion that the school should become an agent of state control, not only deciding what children eat and where they go, but also, and rather more seriously, indoctrinating them with their loopy ideologies.


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