Nip of change in the air for Imperials

PhotoFrom our man in Tokyo- Despite the birth of a son to Prince Akishino (left) and Princess Kiko earlier this month, there is still considerable speculation involving the line of succession to the Chrysanthemum throne.

The new heir, named Hisahito, or “wise, calm and everlasting”, is currently third in line for the Imperial throne. Yet there has been speculation for some time that the government would dispense with almost a thousand years of unbroken tradition and admit women to the line of succession.

This move, while enraging consevatives and traditionalists has been met with studied ambivalence by the royal family.

The Japanese public have openly celebrated the birth of the new heir, yet they remain broadly in favour of the change. It would be easy to dismiss this apparent inconsistency as another foible of a country obsessed with cartoons and dressing as schoolgirls, but it is also thought that the good will for the new-born prince might not be enough to counter resentment of his father’s mustache and curtains.

According to palace sources, the HRH feels the growth lends him a western dignity and sophistication while the curtains make him appear youthful and energetic.

While the RCC support the monarchical traditional of every people, holding them to be the right and proper way for their governance, our sympathies do go out the diminutive islanders. Much of our own great history was carved by alabaster empresses. Furthermore, a chap like that is enough to drive a good man Republican.

I mean really – a mustache?


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