Governator says NICHT to girlie-men

One of three “sexual indoctrination” bills passed by Californian legislators has been vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The bill vetoed today was SB 1437, which had been approved by the State  Legislature. It would have prevented any school teaching materials or activities from “reflecting adversely” upon homosexuals, bisexuals or transgenders.

Former Assemblyman Larry Bowler, had told a rally just a day earlier that in his six years as a member of the Assembly Education Committee, “Never, never, in all the thousands of bills that I voted on in that committee, did I ever see anything even close to the destructive decadence of these three bills.

“The bills are not education, they are indoctrination, designed to inculcate our children and our grandchildren,” he said.

A spokesperson for a family values group said:

“At a time when many California students struggle to pass the Exit Exam, the legislature is more concerned with advancing a radical political agenda than focusing on the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic.” and that the bill was just “another attempt by radical homosexual activists to confuse children on matters relating to sexuality.”

There had been a rally in front of the California statehouse just a day earlier, sponsored by Campaign for Children and Families.

The crowd chanted, “veto, veto, veto,” and called the governor’s office on their cell phones to demand the vetoes. Officials later said the governor’s office was adding more telephone lines because of the number of calls that flooded in.

CCF President Randy Thomasson said that “tramples the religious values of faith-based institutions.”

CCF Latino spokesman Luis Goldamez was even more forthright.

“We can no longer allow girlie-men in this state or any state to dictate to our children what they’re going to teach them. We need to see them face-to-face and tell them, we have our pants on the right way, we are men and women, we are not confused. And if anyone needs to teach our children, it needs to be us parents, not girlie-men from this building or any other building,” he told the rally.


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