Rikki Clarke for England? It’s time for…

Even when they post a reasonable total, England manage to make their one-day cricket look like a farce.

Strauss, Dalrymple and Collingwood pulled together to see England to 271/9, what by their standards is a very solid innings. Pakistan beat it of course, but with only an over to spare. Lewis and Broad bowled very well indeed, and if Fletcher doesn’t give Lewis his shirt in India he’s handicapping himself terribly.

As usual though, for every half-decent performance there was a something to balance it out. In the test side, a brave few seem to step forward, grab the game by the throat and thrust (a very filthy word) the knife in for victory. Put on the pyjamas and the same team will produce a Bunson and Beeker to make the whole thing blow up.

Trescothick joined the diamond-duck club and has now pulled out of India due to an “sensitive medical condition”. He has done so well for so long that I really shrink from having a go, but this endless mystery is getting very tiresome indeed. The hope is Benning will go to India and Butcher to the Ashes.

Rikki Clarke got a golden duck so is almost sure to keep his place and will probably be made captain. How that Henson-esque clown can serve up rubbish every time he bowls, for county and country, with all the batting reliability of Geraint Jones and still be feted as the next big thing year after year is beyond me. Those half-wits who keep calling him Flintoff’s understudy need their heads examined. He has turned a corner with Surrey no doubt, but he is no where near ready for England duty.

I think KP has been outscored by Chris Read in every match since Read’s recall; he really needs to find some form and fast if England are to avoid being humiliated against Australia in India.

Mahmood is still a fast bowler without composure or maturity. England needs a fast bowling coach who can work miracles and fast. Loosing Cooley is really beginning to bite and turning down Lillee is looking increasingly mad.

The best that can be said is: who cares? Its only one-day stuff, its not real cricket and we stuffed them in the tests. 


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