Thank God they’re over in a day

Whatever self-belief may have been engendered during the Test series against Pakistan was dealt a severe knock by the way the series ended.

The remains are currently being wiped away by another mockery of a one-day series. A full strength Pakistan, indignant at being caught cheating again, will comfortably improve on the 1(should have been 2)-0 scoreline.

Once more England’s ‘fast’ bowling has looked nothing of the kind, and the line and length have been about as true as a French married couple. The batting has been woeful and KP seems to be trying to get himself dropped.

The ridiculous inclusion of Darren Gough has been everybit as sucessfull as was expected. After picking up a shin injury (how do they do it?) it is now official; the only part of him that works is his mouth. While he will still be barking for some time about this injury and how he has been denied his comeback, only he could possibly believe he wouldn’t have been dropped on form anyway.

Strauss had a flashback to Sri Lanka, complete with deer-in-the-headlights expression and is now staring down the barrel of another hammering.

The absence of the most assured one-day batsmen in England – Benning and Brown -mean that the dire batting we were treated to will ellict little sympathy.

Looking on the sunny side; Jon Lewis bowlled superbly and was robbed of a third wicked. The hobbleing of Gough should mean he finally gets the extended run of games he deserves.

Rikki Clake did something I never thought I would see; he kept his economy below six, and batted resonably in the same match. (This does not mean he should be picked again.) Chris Read continues to help us forget the nightmare of Geraint Jones, and Collingwood is still a hero.  

The only clever thing Fletcher has done in the ODI’s so far is to resist throwing Panesar into the mix. He would be an undoubted asset to the team, but a player who derives so much of his preformance from his enthusiam for the game has far to much to loose by marching in this funeral procession.


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