A Simple Tribute

Dr Ian Gibson MP has received enough press for his recent… oh who are we kidding? It wasn’t a gaff or a mistake or a slip or anything else.

Dr Gibson expressed a widely held view, then defended it, about why a certain medical condition was more prominent in one area than in others. He did so as a medical man and one familier with the area and its inhabitants. He is probably bang on the money.

But still, however sound his reasoning, however kindly he meant it, for an MP to call his own constituents inbred and the county “from way back” on air really does merit the parliamentarian of the century award.

I shan’t bother to embelish, I will let the Dr Gibson speak for himself.

In an interview with BBC Radio Norfolk on Thursday August 17, Norwich North MP Dr Gibson said there could be genetic reasons for the abnormal frequency pf Type 1 Diabetes.

“In a county where it’s from way back in the past there have been smaller numbers of people, localised in small areas there may be some degree of familiarity, family relationships, you know, in terms of brothers and other families with the same name and so on,” he said.

“It does happen everywhere, there are different groups of people who for historical reasons have certain genetics which other people don’t.

“As I said there are different frequencies of blood groups in different parts of the UK. Who knows why, but it could be an explanation of certain illnesses.”

This man is now my political hero.


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