Maoists Outline Plan for Revolution

From Our man in Kathmandu

Aug. 15: The ongoing central committee meeting of the Maoist rebel group has passed a ‘political report’ proposed by general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal on Tuesday.

Recalling the “people’s voices” for a republican state during the “popular movement”, Nepal proposed that a referendum to decide the fate of monarchy and monarch once and for all, confidently predicting an end to the institution (and presumably the man).

Leaving aside the rank idiocy of subjecting the divine right of kings to the whims of the baying mob, any election in the still lawless outlands of Nepal would almost certainly be subject to widespread corruption, intimidation and vote rigging.

With the Maoists still maintaining a heavily armed presence in the countryside, and with chilling memories of their recent ‘motivational’ tactics while drumming up pro-democracy support still fresh, Mr Nepal has reason to be confident.  

According to a Maoist press statement, Nepal replied to questions raised by central committee members on different issues endorsed in the report.

Nepal urged all to go for a revolutionary upheaval in the state mechanism instead of limiting themselves in ambition to social improvement.

He stressed changing the party organisation at the village level iscompatible with the changed political context. He called for a new local propaganda campaign “by enhancing them with thoughts and ideas”, the press statement quoted Nepal as saying.

In the past, the Maoist rebels have employed the highly effective techniques of kiddnapping, murder and in some cases the wiping out of entire villages to “enhance them with thoughts and ideas”.

In a statement which demonstrated the Nepalese (personal and national) imperiousness to irony, Nepal spoke at yesterday’s meeting about the role of the Maoists in peace talks, reconciliation and the ongoing progressive movement.

The meeting, which will continue today, will cover several a varied agenda including the “people’s campaign” for Loktantrik Ganatantra (democratic republic), the concept of restructuring state mechanism and a common proposal for the progressive movement. 64261.jpg


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