Monarchy is manly!

Anachronistic, they moan. Irrelevant, they bleat. Whining and carping, the pseudo-progressives detest monarchy, claiming it does not serve democracy when they themselves pervert and corrupt democracy to suit their own ends. The real reason they reject monarchy is that they cannot maniplulate it;  they cannot climb the greasy pole to the top.

While, like petulant children, the Maoists and assorted riff-raff in Nepal may be yearning for a republic, those in more mature states are passing out of the adolescent, rebellious stage and are looking back towards their own monarchies with growing interest and fondness. Enlightened souls in Serbia, Russia and Poland, to name but three former monarchies, are looking towards their dispossessed royal lines to ensure stability and continuity into the future. When they were children, they thought childishly and cast off their royal leaders; but now they are men and are putting childish ways behind them.

Monarchy works, and endows the political process with a legitimacy and stability which cannot be achieved in a here-today, gone-tomorrow democratic tyranny. The sooner Nepalis wake up and smell the coffee, the better.


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