Last in Line?

His Majesty The King of Nepal is having a hard time of it. Having seized supreme power in a bloodless coup little more than a year ago, he tried to compromise with the Maoist rebels pillaging the countryside and to reintroduce democracy. The result has been a catalogue of humiliations and a systematic dismantling of the throne and the countries traditions, going so far as to end its status as the last Hindu Kingdom (it is now a secular nation) and even outlaw the celebration of the King’s birthday.

Now, the seven party democratic government is threatening to splinter as the Maoists demand the immediate abolition of the monarchy, or they promise a return to revolution. 

Compromise and democracy has been brought to an end as a violent minority of idiolouges demand their own way.

It is tragic that a Kingdom once synonymous with mystery and remoteness is now such a microcosm of all that is wrong with the world today.

As, until recently, one of the few remaining governing monarchs, and as the owner of the world’s best hat, we will be following the fortunes of HM closely here at the Recusant CC. You cans send HM your support through the Rising Nepal, see Outgrounds for a link.


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