Chavish Hoards Invade Kent

According to the BBC, chavs have cost Kent its crown of ‘Garden of England’.

A survey asked for counties to be ranked according to their countryside, villages and wildlife. North Yorkshire, Devon, Derbyshire and Gloucs pushed Kent into fifth place. The least favourite county was Middlesex, but that is neither a county nor a surprise. Notts, Beds, Lincs and Essex also came out badly in the poll by the UKTV Style Gardens channel.

4,000 members of the public surveyed to find the favorite, and North Yorkshire polled more than a quarter of the votes cast. The county was praised for “breathtaking countryside” like the Yorkshire Dales and the quality of its stately homes, such as Castle Howard in York. Kent lies in fifth place with 5.2% of the total vote.

Respondents felt it had lost some of its charm due to the number of London commuters in the county and the impact of Eurostar trains travelling through the countryside. But by far the most frequent criticism was the ever-growing infestation of chavs, bringing with them the inevitable rise in vandalism, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, theft, destruction of property, attempted murder and other “anti-social behavior”.



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