King Betrayed as Maoist’s Seal Deal


Apparently, the Nepalese government and Maoist rebels have reached agreement on the supervision of their weapons, which have until now have been very unsupervised indeed.According to a statement, the United Nations will be asked to monitor both sides’ arms.Earlier this week, the rebels warned the talks could collapse unless there was a commitment to the abolition of the monarchy.

The rebels called a “truce” after King Gyanendra ended direct rule in April. This truce has not involved any halt in the mass kidnapping and murderous extortion which supports the Maoist movement.

The government has agreed that its troops will be confined to their barracks, while the rebels say their arms will be kept in one set of camps. Where these camps are has not yet been made plain (probably somewhere near the palace I should think). 

The statement came after talks between Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist leader Prachanda.

“It is a significant event in the peace process. We have been able to respond to the aspirations of people for peace and prosperity,” the Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula said.

The rebels’negotiator Krishna Mahara was equally positive: “The agreement has decreased the mistrust and opened door to move ahead with the peace process.”

The Maoists forced the seven-party alliance into a power-sharing deal in June following a sustained campaign of violence in April that culminated in King Gyanendra surrendering his powers.

But in recent weeks talks have stalled over the issues of arms and whether Nepal should continue to have a monarchy.

The Maoists favour a communist republic, while Prime Minister Koirala has been advocating a ceremonial role for the monarchy.


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